The Best We Can Do

by River Summit

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A song written leading up to and during the summer solstice 2012, in which I lived with a group of cosmic souls in the woods and released myself into the community of love that is self love as felt on earth


A world full of treasures, full of professors
we profess each our truth
It's the best we can do
in this open mind

so who are we? and where are we going?
the questions themselves lead me to the knowing
that we came from everywhere, and we're going everywhere

oh sweet synchronicity, our serendipity is hinting to me we are one living body
every cell moving, to do its best to choose love

its the best we can do on this ground
unite our higher state of mind
and maybe we'll stay out of trouble this time

so live right now
and don't be distracted, by anything other than living the fact
you were born of the living, ever-changing, embodiment of God

no I don't deny it, who am I to defy it?
I see I'm what I'm to believe in now

so shake it up, we'll be our own heroes
the era is over, we're starting from zero
with the wisdom of love that has carried us here for its reason

its the best we can do on this ground
unite our higher state of mind
and maybe we'll stay out of trouble this time

cosmic creatures are talking, they're as clear as they can be
they say the universe is friendly, and love is most easy
and isn't that the true story, that holds up the soft universe in me

we are so loved, yes I love you forever!
universal love! it takes one to know one
cuz together we are the native children of the new world

and we are the love! let's enjoy this journey
we'll take good care of each other, through the peace and the fury
yes its gonna take a lot of big love, a lot of waking up and dream love

oh all-embracing world, blowing me kisses
magical world! with its lessons and blisses
heavenly spirits, prepare for the union of infinity

its the best we can do on this ground
unite our highest state of mind!
and maybe we'll stay out of trouble this time
stick to the good kind of trouble this time!

Whole new world, the whole connected!
Holy world,
no one's unaffected
and if you think you are, you should get on down so you can feel right at home.


released November 3, 2012



all rights reserved


River Summit Toronto, Ontario

River Summit is the flowing vessel of music through which Brooke Topp sings out her folk songs. She's a lover, a dreamer and a music maker, and becomes a stream of ecstatic loving energy each time she performs her heart-felt songs. Each is written out of spiritual transformation and healing and it is such an incredible honour for her to sing each time she does and it feels like a gift to receive. ... more

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